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The Broken Wheel

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 21, 2014, 12:41 AM
Updated: November 5, 2010
Effective: November 19, 2010

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Effective July 31, 2005, I, David Ashmore, will be accepting commissions. A commission will be defined by the Universal Observatory, as any work of literature, art, or collaborative labor done for the gain of monetary compensation...
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Changes may be made without notice but will not be retroactive...
What will be done...
-Fights, sexual foreplay, action, stunts, romance, group shots (priced as listed), "ultra-violence" or its aftermath and "after sex".
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Journal Entry

There is a cycle that should go round and round endlessly. If you are not immortal you will not notice this. you can prepare for it. But if you are not immortal or have not been long enough...

Clyapi, Mother of Dragaseir Immortality, Dragoness of the Moon, Goddess of time, utterly unassailable and nigh invincible, stood in the superheated unbreathable air of the hellish world Venus. So ironic that humans would name such a dire planet after one of their most renouned love goddesses, and one very closely associated with sex... Such pittling things rarely even amuse her.

The truth is Venus was turned into a prison cell for the single most dangerous creature known, her one time lover, determined devourer of the universe, Dragon of the Void, Eclipse. One of the three orignal Overgods, Cliyapi, her first husband Glintrougifti, and her lover, Eclipse. But his desire to consume the universe and the fact he would be unstoppable after consuming just one star... He had to be stopped and sealed away.

Greed compelled her, his calls to free him tempted her, for millions of years. Longer than most life on Earth had existed. But good sense stopped her. She was not fast enough to stop Eclipse and he would bury himself immediately in Sol, there he would consume the star over the span of a few millennia until nothing was left and he would move to the next, each star taking less and less time to consume, growing stronger and more powerful, until he could swallow whole galaxies like drizzling rain on his tongue. The universe would not have the chance to die its ordained "heat death", or speed apart to "scatter in the the dark", Eclipse would eat it all, including the Black and White holes.

Cliyapi, the silver dragoness, her red breast, and underbelly swirled with the enumerable faces of all the dragonic souls she consumed and was digesting to sustain herself. To most beings, she was unsettling to see in this form. But a sight of absolute horror to even the mightiest of dragons. No matter how powerful they were, no matter how advanced their technology and/or magics were, Cliyapi was an absolute. If she was going to take a soul, it was going to happen. If she was confronted by someone who could possibly oppose her, if her two current husbands, Bractus, and Overlord Pendragon, living embodiments of death and destruction conversely, were bested or avoided, she could easily overpower or literally rewrite that opponent's past such that they never become a threat to her. Many foes challenged her, only to never live or became her servants.

She knows everything that happened to her, is happening to her, and will happen to her through out her still undisclosed life span, She has however said she will outlive Sol twice over. But to date she is, at the leading edge of time, only 80 million years old. Still long enough to garner the fear and respect of all but a few beings and civilization she has come in contact with. Whole religions have sprung up to worship her and pray she bless them or never darken their skies.

She is the Dragoness of Doom. None oppose her that matter, except her first husband and her only son, Gesiomagatou, ever do so twice.

The heat was barely noticeable, the acid rain and burning hot ground seemed like it should be comfortable. She barely seemed to care. Almost as if she was not there.  Venus was a vision of hell before the Dragaseir ever evolved. Yet one could easily be forgiven for thinking the planets geological hyperactivity was caused but Eclipse struggling endlessly to escape. But Eclipse had stopped training against he planet eons ago and loomed brooding at its core. No. it was the fault of catastrophically powerful, but glancing blow that wrecked Venus' delicate spin and gyrations. Those same movements give Earth its liveable conditions.

"The Destroyers will come soon. Sooner than I had expected and the reason why... is my fault." Cliyapi muttered. In the supercritical fluid of Venus' lower atmosphere, her voice was almost as if she was trying to speak underwater. The heat allowed the very slow wind, carrying a force equal to a massive tsunami, to be obvious, and the lightning in the acid vapor cloud to NEVER strike the ground.

"Fool! Release me!" Eclipse growled audibly. Even though thousands on miles within the hard rock and nearly watery molten rock.

"If I can not resolve this error," She just talked as if to the air itself, " I may have to as a final weapon. The Destroyers will not allow the mistakes of the past to occur again. They will seek to annihilate all sentient life. Releasing you would doom us all but we woudl have a few billion years to live at least."

"Why wait?" Eclipse sounded at once curious and anxious.

"Because if I finally do this correctly, my love, I will finally be able to consume your soul and your power, to be come the ultimate physical power for the cost of one star, and I have several candidates all ready picked out. Not only will I have mastery of time throughout the span of my life which will expand to or beyond the end of the universe. I would truly become invincible."

"I would never allow it."

"My love, I have already foreseen it. Nine in all will set you free to beat you into submission. Three are my own. Three by my daughter, and three by my daughter's twin. All together almost as unstoppable as I will become. But one has upset the time table and the cycle of the destroyers."

"What will you do then, foolish thing?"

"Now I have to delay the destroyers. But the Dragaseir are not nearly powerful to even try, and I exterminated the Ceknyurians. The Neo-Ceknyurians are still weak and scattered. Some of the younger races, like the Aphkei hold promise if given another 100,000 years. Same with the Casid once they regain their lost powers."

"A delaying tactic? Not my style."

"Nor mine."

"So you have more in mind?"

"There are other races of Dragon, most we Dragaseir have planted and I raised and consumed..."

"As food.," he laughed causing a strong tremor, "Delicious irony. Pun wholly intended. But obviously you prepared some of them."

"I have. But the happy bonus was a new overgod. Young stupid, inexperienced filled with potential and lost in her own understandable arrogance and youthful ignorance."

"Why tell me about how you mean to kill me?"

"Mostly because I know you can not stop me. You are going to be killed by me," She smiled in that way Dragaseir only could, a slight narrowing of her eyes. "But mostly because I still have some feeling for you and I want you to make your peace."

Eclipse was silent to a long time, "Begone and do not return."

Sealed away for eons, Eclipse had no friends, or allies. No one who even knew where he was besides a few of the eldest Dragaseir and they wanted that dread secret to die with them eventually. He would have to defy Cliyapi on her own. But with a small army of ultimately powerful warriors to bring him out of his cell and break him down, he would have almost no chance. Almost none...

"You know I will return, my love." Cliyapi said lifting easily into the air her vast wings catching a bare breeze and the hyper heated and super dense air lifted her to the clouds with the lightning assaulted her running over her body without disturbing her at all. "Good bye, for now."


In orbit, a single figure hung there, a wolfish Aphkian female of massive physical strength and power. A Neo-Ceknyurian.

"Keiluko." Cliyapi flew past away. The wolfess followed.

"I suppose it went well."

"You supposed wrongly. I realized that I am about to make two mistakes. Not stopping Rae beating Miyuki single-handedly, the levels she will attain to do this will definitely call the destroyers, and allowing the three sets of three to free Eclipse. He will flee for the Sol system instead of burrowing into it, knowing I can easily extract him before he can get anymore than a adequate sustenance. He will be drawn to one of two hypergiants. Destroying either will result in a hypernova that will kill most of this galaxy.  The one I'm concerned with is..."

"Geomaga." Keiluko said flatly flying through space just behind. "the star you named Gesiomagatou after. A Star than is collapse into a black hole... without going nova first. Rare thing."

"Do you know how to aggravate the process?"

"I do. It will be easy to chuck it into the this galaxy's Core..."

Cliyapi stopped turning the stare hard at Keiluko, " Do so AFTER Eclipse is drawn into the star. He will be trapped bythe Balck hole and you can simply drive it into the supermassive back hole of this galaxy. He will not be powerful enough to defy its crushing force, But you will be."

Keiluko , knew there was some ploy to elimainte her as to give Queen Hex free rein to take over the rest ofhte Neo-Ceknyurians and Queen Hex was an ally to Cliyapi. That was earned by making sure Erso Sorn was too weak to withstand forget threaten Hex...

Keiluko did not now how strong a black hole could be and so had very little ability to defy one as powerful as a Galactic Core. This silver dragon had to be planning to kill her and unite the Neo-Ceknyurian kicking and screaming under her order through Queen Hex.

"Do it for your daughter, Keiluko." Cliyapi pulled away before disappearing into hyperspace.

Keiluko looked back at the tiny speck of light that was Sol. All she could remember was no one defied the Queen of the Universe. No one but... The Many Winged Dragoness... Aitéorioma...

Journal Ends

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