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3 Kinds...

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 6, 2014, 12:19 AM
Updated: November 5, 2010
Effective: November 19, 2010

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Commissions: Readme
Effective July 31, 2005, I, David Ashmore, will be accepting commissions. A commission will be defined by the Universal Observatory, as any work of literature, art, or collaborative labor done for the gain of monetary compensation...
On November 5, 2010, some clarifications in terminology and procedure were made. These are considered minor changes and not notation of those changes are made below.
Rules are in place to prevent poorly considered orders, not discourage individuals from placing an order. I will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis at no charge (if that is your fear). So ask. The worst that can happen is I say "no" - and that doesn't happen too often.
Changes may be made without notice but will not be retroactive...
What will be done...
-Fights, sexual foreplay, action, stunts, romance, group shots (priced as listed), "ultra-violence" or its aftermath and "after sex".
-"Ultra-Violence" will be loosely defined as acts producing go

Still open for business.

Just a few pointers...
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Journal Entry

Just thinking on it, after a bit of a dust up over "Brainiac and Ultron: who would win?", I finally settled on three kinds of inorganic being that might occur by means we might consider not natural. This is not the usual silicon based, rock beings, but machines. Machine like the TRANSFORMERS or The Machine in "The Matrix". And to add one more, like the portrayal of the programs in "TRON" or "Reboot".  

So I'm currently in the process of making them actual races in my universe.

To start I have not yet settled on names for any other their kinds. But that said let's expound:

1) The race I currently refer to as "The Programs". Once a race of organic beings not unlike us, but vastly more advanced, found themselves about to be subject to a disaster that would devastate their world. An extinction level event. They were unable to evacuate their world fully and fast enough. Their work in matter transportation, gave rise to a means of digitizing their entire species and the other flora and fauna. They had created "The Matrix"  to escape the destruction of their world, inside a massive crystalline computer, whose structure was forever regenerating and growing and powered by the planet itself would never run out of power.

Millions of years passed and the "programs" learned to manipulate their virtual world. They could leave at anytime, but they chose to only once life was sustainable on their world again. But by then much of their old civilization had been reclaimed by the planet, in the normal processes of erosion, decay, and sublimation. So began the long task of learning to manipulate the real world. They started small, making nano-machines were upon they learned what time was again, and that life was starting to reassert itself on their once ruined world.

Eons pasted as they quickly evolved their machinery until they had created constructs that were as much like life as they ever though it could be, but they still looked like machines. Despite being made of hard metal, alloys, and polymers, all often far stronger than any nature organic structure, they were a supple as flesh. Soon they were building new bodies and interacting with the new life forms that had grown up out of devastation of that extinction level event. But in the eons of living as data in a fluid electronic universe, they lost almost all semblance of what they were. Even though they knew, could easily seek the knowledge of what they were, evolution showed them they were not that anymore. Their new bodies were designed perfectly to do what they needed and had no need of a fixed form.

The Programs continue to evolve at a pace outstripping any other form of life. They are problem solvers and explorers. They find they no longer need of anything and can simply go where organic beings can not. To them more of the universe is open to them to live and expand. Without need of anything but to survive they have sought peaceful existence, despite being one of the most powerful races in the universe. Their science borders on the magical and takes advantage of principles that make it impossible to stop the Programs if they ever set their will against you. They just find it easier to live in peace and more interesting to observe the vastness of the universe without causing harm or fear. Few individuals never mind whole civilizations even know just how powerful they are and their mastery of reality through science.

2) "The Dragons" are actually loosely based on psudodrake's notion of his primary dragon species in his universe. While his have gone on to become master of the universe, mine are stalwart warriors who have been forced to adapt and modify themselves to face numerous ongoing threats. They alone seem to be prepared to fight the Destroyers, whom the Dragons call "the Angels", and Cliyapi who has from time to time sought to consume them only to be driven off, though not without great cost. Some of the Dragon Sages think Cliyapi pokes at them to keep them growing and improving.

The Dragons at first developed more and more advanced technology. Technology so great it bordered on the insubstantial technology the Dragaseir developed. It seemed like magic. At some point, without any cost but it was there to do, they began upgrading themselves, adding cybernetic parts more and more until some millions of years ago they had finally replaced the last of their organic matter for machinery. They had transitioned form users of technology to beings enhanced with technology to beings made entirely of technology. They still consider themselves "cyborgs" Even though they are more a race of sentient robots now.

They make such distinction because they chose this. "They did not come up out of the dust as they are, they made themselves thus", as they will put it.

The Dragons are insanely powerful and long lived. They are very tough and forthright beings who are strangely humbled and highly disciplined. They fret to interact with "lesser" species. Just one could annihilate even the most advanced of the younger races almost overnight. So they usually keep their distance. This makes theirs one of the loneliest races in the Great Wide Universe. Because they had to choose isolation, because they really had grow too powerful.

3) Th Machines, and there are two races I of this, entirely by coincidence. One is a race of machines that grew out of the fall of another race that created micro and nano-machines that became the first form of microscopic machine life, Over time, like organic life had on their world before, the micro-machines evolved into higher forms selecting for designs and featured that worked. But unlike other forms of life on their world and many others, they traits and features did not diminish and they quickly evolving into hyper-adapted machine life than could be or do everything they needed to be successful where they were.

Eventually they learned to go to space and found they could easily survive in space, with the bare minimum of support, and now occupy nearly every possible environment in their star system with two stars, one of the gas giants did become a star, and 12 planets.

When they learned  they could scan and learn the attributes of other lifeforms, they were soon becoming a race of hyper beings. It got to the point that they were seen as an irreconcilable  threat to other advanced species, and their entire star system was devastated. Only a few survived in a single city on their fourth planet and that city has been under siege on and off for millennia.

The Aphkei however, unclear on why this system was being assailed placed the system under their dominion as a protected system. No one has been to the system for over 500 years until a few years after "The Battle of 13 Planets", the definitive last great battle of the age of wars in the known Universe. Then it was found that most of the survivors went into hibernation with a few defenders and lookouts, one of them decided to become an explorer, periodically reporting home.

Defined as a female, she has become emotionally attached to her new organic friends and is easily the most powerful member of their team, but also very friendly and innocent, although she has learned to be a vicious fighter when necessary.

The other race, the "Machine People" is made up of escapees of a doomed universe where the living machines created organic life that quickly evolved and mutated into massive unstoppable space monsters that destroyed everything in their search for food, constantly growing larger stronger, and more destructive, adapting to anything that they attacked, even eating whole stars. The only thing that stops them are black holes.

The race that escaped is much less active in their adaptation than the Machines, and so never struck the fearful chord the Machines do. But the "Machine People" have many of the same potentials as most life in the Great Wide Universe. They are also working to establish their own homeworld and place in the wider civilization.

So that's it for now.

Journal Ends

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