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Just a touch irksome bit of business

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 16, 2014, 2:31 AM
Updated: November 5, 2010
Effective: November 19, 2010

PDF Ready to take your order by DocWolph Text Ready to take your order 2
Commissions: Readme
Effective July 31, 2005, I, David Ashmore, will be accepting commissions. A commission will be defined by the Universal Observatory, as any work of literature, art, or collaborative labor done for the gain of monetary compensation...
On November 5, 2010, some clarifications in terminology and procedure were made. These are considered minor changes and not notation of those changes are made below.
Rules are in place to prevent poorly considered orders, not discourage individuals from placing an order. I will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis at no charge (if that is your fear). So ask. The worst that can happen is I say "no" - and that doesn't happen too often.
Changes may be made without notice but will not be retroactive...
What will be done...
-Fights, sexual foreplay, action, stunts, romance, group shots (priced as listed), "ultra-violence" or its aftermath and "after sex".
-"Ultra-Violence" will be loosely defined as acts producing go

Still open for business.

Just a few pointers...
Commission Pricing 001 by DocWolph Commission Flyer 002 by DocWolph Commission Flyer 003 by DocWolph
More to come...

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DocWolph on Fur Affinity
DCAshmore on VCL
DamnDroidZ on Inkbunny
Journal Entry

To be quite serious, I do not ask for payment upfront when doing commissions. This was done to be fair, and take the pressure off the commissioner more than myself.  If I want to get paid I better get it done. It is also a safeguard to generally insure that I can not, in most cases, be accused of running off with the money, which I have seen others do. If the work was not done, I did not get paid. That simple.

Once the piece is done, I send size-reduced and watermarked version of the finished piece(s) as proof the work was done. The full-size versions are sent when payment is received. Now that the work is done and the proof is there, comes the part that vexes me so, the commissioner up and disappears on me without paying...

Not pay me right then and there, although that is very honestly highly appreciated (Thank you to those who do such), but they do not respond once notified. They just disappear or straightly ignore me.

This does not happen often, but it is not a very fair way to business. To not even contact me back to say, "This is wrong. I won't pay." Or "I or circumstances have changed and Can not or will not pay". Something, anything, but not nothing.

I am very grateful to those who are fair enough to contact me when there is going to be a delay or just non-payment. At least I know what to expect and I can arrange my activity around that.

Think of it like this, you do work and are expecting to be paid for it, but when the time comes to get you check, your boss doesn't even acknowledge that you are there, never not pay you. You hired me and then don't even have the good taste to tell you aren't going to pay me? That I did the work and now you won't even talk to me? It is simply rude and wrong.

I have so far refrained from naming names by I do keep detailed logs of whose work I have done and who has paid or not and why they have not.

I am not faultless.  At once was my fault straight up and I know who and why.

But I am becoming just a tad concerned that maybe there are those out there who feel too free to "cut and run". We commissioned types talk to each other and if we flag someone, everyone else tends to avoid them.

Talk to me, at the very least, so I know 1) You are not dead, and 2) if there is an issue to be dealt with.

Again I'm not mad. Just concerned. And Again I am very thankful to my regulars who are at least as fair as I hope I am being.

Journal Ends

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