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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2014, 12:16 AM
Updated: November 5, 2010
Effective: November 19, 2010

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Commissions: Readme
Effective July 31, 2005, I, David Ashmore, will be accepting commissions. A commission will be defined by the Universal Observatory, as any work of literature, art, or collaborative labor done for the gain of monetary compensation...
On November 5, 2010, some clarifications in terminology and procedure were made. These are considered minor changes and not notation of those changes are made below.
Rules are in place to prevent poorly considered orders, not discourage individuals from placing an order. I will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis at no charge (if that is your fear). So ask. The worst that can happen is I say "no" - and that doesn't happen too often.
Changes may be made without notice but will not be retroactive...
What will be done...
-Fights, sexual foreplay, action, stunts, romance, group shots (priced as listed), "ultra-violence" or its aftermath and "after sex".
-"Ultra-Violence" will be loosely defined as acts producing go

Still open for business.

Just a few pointers...
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More to come...

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Journal Entry

* First, I want to thank everyone who did, humbly, for their Birthday wishes to me. AS most of you by now, I don't discuss my age. It's a personal thing. Maybe some day. Not Today. Sorry.

Now the show....

Red Dwarf stars are the most abundant in the universe. Not very large or powerful, but exceedingly long lived. They are at eh center of rather compact star systems and usually don't have many planets. But the vast majority of habitable worlds circle red dwarves. Many such worlds are very strange compared to most. This comes from being geological locked to their star. That is, they don't rotate. One side is permanently in day and the other in night. Life develops strangely on such worlds and rarely reaches the level of sophistication most space faring species do.

The atmosphere is like a convection air conditioner sweeping around the planet to warm the night side and cool the day side. only on the terminator, the perpetually twilight region between the day and night sides of the planet is the temperature an easily bearable, normal. In most cases at least. The universe is very picky about who gets to do what. A few light seconds too far or too close to the star, and a geo-locked planet can be too hot or too cold for life as we understanding or at all.

Such worlds that are "just right", can be way points and even colony worlds for more advanced species.

For a race of Dragons, one of the oldest such races, who had long ago shed they fleshy, bones and scale, bodies for hyper advanced mechanical ones, they it was utterly impossible to tell if they were machines or biological. Truly bio-mechanical. They are the DraquenKind. For millions of years they had done everything to resist Cliyapi and her incessant desire to consume their souls. She was far beyond their ability to resist. Too intelligent, too powerful, and too prepared.

They never quite understood why she never just took them. She could have easily. They gave up so much. To cut themselves off entirely even from the distinction of being made by "His own hands". They never even thought about it in their mad scramble to survive.

The planet, under a red dwarf, some 9 billion years old, absolutely ancient, was called simply "Eegoht'ta", or in the common tongues "This place here". A world of odd extremes. The Oceans flowed in eternal rip tides carried heat and cool more efficiently than the air. Trees and plants of such dense chlorophyll as to look almost back in the much reduced light compared to worlds with larger, more energetic, yellow and blue giant stars. the creatures were well adapted and moved with a grace and ease creatures of less old or even young worlds simply did not.

Mammal like creatures stalked avian like prey. Eyes better adapted to the lower light seeing well into the infrared, heat, and ultraviolet, emitted energy. They were much more intelligent but lacked that seemingly elusive spark of sentience and higher capacity they their visitors had long attained and used to rapidly ascend bey9ond the limitations of biological flesh.

Two DraquenKind a massive and bulky male and a slender but still potent looking female, both shimmered in many colors as their bodies shifted colors to complement or hide in their environments, yet they could stand out if wanted, needed no space craft to fly to this world and land gently peacefully, only momentarily upsetting a delicate hunt but comparatively small predators for their remarkably larger prey.  Looking about they were clearly scanning their eyes, numerous pairs of glowing sensors, sought something.

They were scientists, explorers, and mates. For millions of year they had struggled against an ultimate being only to become such a race themselves yet not ultimate enough to defy "her"...

But today, and for millennia, it had not been as issue.

"I deride the Ancients, wife," the larger DraquenKind grumbled, his wings still melding back into his body like armor without the obstruction having huge wings often presented.

"I may not have been their fault to have hidden their works so well. They did not need technology as even we understand it." The Female, her softer curves shifted to a glassy pastel pink like fine enamel few humans will have know aside for fine furniture and automobiles of the early 20th century.  Against the dim sky she looked more dreamlike as she looked to her mate whose grim mood reflected in his dimmer blueish form his curves were augmented with masculine girth and harder edges.

"Ceknyurians were supposed to be so powerful that science as we understand it meant nothing to them." He groaned. "They didn't so much a build buildings or use even a simply writing tool. Even then 'she' wiped them out."

The female put her hand on him and he lightened up, visibly and emotionally, his armor growing brighter in color, his posture less dejected, " But the question is if 'she' could do that why are we still live to discuss it"

"But after so many possible worlds...?"

"We narrowed it down to a few planets. This is last star system. Let's try this one."

They lifted into the sky never using their wings, scanning the planet , for days. DraquenKind can live millions of years, their mechanical bodies constantly rebuilding and recycling themselves using excess power accumulated to build themselves up. They have a very relaxed sense of time.

But soon they were putting clues in the geography of the planet together...

They landed again, stirring a flock of flightless birds that ran into the darkness, of the permanent night side of the planet. Ice millions even billions of years old stood like frozen mountains the air was deadly cold to most forms of life not adapted for cold weather even then it would be hard living. How those birds could keep warm enough, feed enough, and energetic enough with one of those strange miracles they noted for other DraquenKind to study later. Maybe there would be an upgrade for all in it.

"This has to be it. under 20 miles of ice..." The Female droned off, "G'kohl.. this is going to be a lot of work."

"Not really, if the Ceknyurian really were powerful enough to need nothing but imagination and an understanding of how the universe works, to do what they wished... I beat I can punch down further than you in one."

The Female smirked, "Game on, hen."

With such force as to rattle the planet, the two dug vigorously with the strength and power of solar flares, power enough to crush most foes with ease, for days standard days. Although no this planet a day is literally as long as you want it to me. Though most species would say it was the time  it took the planes one moon to make one orbit. In this case, about 27 hours.

They had cleared a chamber a mile wide and half that deep. In its center, was a strangely perfect cube made of perfect rock. Rock that as they analyzed it was perfectly orderly like a computer.

"A computer?" the Male examined it looking for some way to operate it.

"Made of rock..."

"Only a Ceknyurian could. It's median density is not very high, we could take it home and study there. We have better equipment there and more eyes to brains to put on it."

But the female stared longly at it. "This is not a computer. Its a massive block of three dimensionally coded data. I think we can read this."

"What? How?" he came closer.

"The corners contain the codec. We read those first and the rest is easy." She stared as beams from her many sensors traced the block. She stopped the beams disappears and she stepped back and in shocked horror looked at her mate. "The destroyers..."

He scanned as well... "We need to get this block home. Say NOTHING more. Now help me..."

"No". A slender sliver humanoid dragoness, with a long black mane and red breasts stood calmly.

Despite their combined power radically more than enough to devastate a world, both DraquenKind scrambled away in terror. Even knowing their weapons would do them no good, their scales and armor flared open with hundreds of eye-like lens for beams weapons.

"Leave it here and go. I have no need to kill you or consume you."  The Silver dragoness said softly patiently. "Go."

"But..." the Female DraquenKind was about to speak and her mate wasted no time taking her with him into hyperspace. the act smashed the side of the planet as space violently convulsed in the gravity well of the planet.

The Silver dragoness remained, looking up as she simply pulled the planet back together by will alone. "Panic. They are getting weak again. Ill have to menace them again. Toughen them back up." Then she turned her gaze to the block.

"Leave this last piece be. So the Ceknyurian are not erased from all space and time." The Block implored unmoving but the tone of this words betrayed a deep fear.

If it were a Neo-Ceknyurian were to find you I would not be hear. You are for them. As such..."

"Please," The block spoke, "Let the kind of the two who left know, they have confronted the Destroyers before and won. That they may be the saving grace of the mega-cluster."

"I will let a Neo-Ceknyurian tell them." she said floating up the wide shaft to the chamber as the ice solidly formed behind her as she left, "when I have fond a more secure location to leave you, I will return."

The power to reverse universal entropy, to undo time, the block was awed such a creature had such power and terrified by it, as will. As the ice formed to fill the chamber and shaft and the decimated mountains seemingly grew back, the silver dragoness resumed her true form and fly in the void of space, a miles long dragoness with wings more then twice that length.

Journal Ends

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