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Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 11:38 PM
Updated: November 5, 2010
Effective: November 19, 2010

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Commissions: Readme
Effective July 31, 2005, I, David Ashmore, will be accepting commissions. A commission will be defined by the Universal Observatory, as any work of literature, art, or collaborative labor done for the gain of monetary compensation...
On November 5, 2010, some clarifications in terminology and procedure were made. These are considered minor changes and not notation of those changes are made below.
Rules are in place to prevent poorly considered orders, not discourage individuals from placing an order. I will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis at no charge (if that is your fear). So ask. The worst that can happen is I say "no" - and that doesn't happen too often.
Changes may be made without notice but will not be retroactive...
What will be done...
-Fights, sexual foreplay, action, stunts, romance, group shots (priced as listed), "ultra-violence" or its aftermath and "after sex".
-"Ultra-Violence" will be loosely defined as acts producing go

Still open for business.

Just a few pointers...
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Mature Content

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More to come...

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Journal Entry

A really quick notion I had been bouncing around for a while...

Why all the super muscled women and so few equally muscled men? Isn't it easier for men to develop such physical power?

Basically, in my universe, there are really two basic groups of Humans, Descendant Humans, those who are descended from humans who were, in some way fashion of form, abducted from Earth but never returned to Earth. These are humans who are seeded to other worlds and manage to make lives for themselves. Few of them ever become technologically advanced, fewer advanced enough to attain basic space travel, forget advanced space travel, at least on their own. Descendant Humans have the most diverse cultures as Earth steadily becomes mono-cultural.

Then there are the native Humans. These are Humans for come from Earth, or on Earth. Humans that have managed space travel on their own. However, this is not really possible as Humans still do not have practical interstellar space flight.

For time reference,the Primary Mystic League storyline starts in the Earth Calender year of 2102. Humans have safe and regular orbital access and practical interplanetary space flight out to the Kuiper Belt. But that's like saying Europeans had safe and reliable sea travel to the Americas in the 15th century. You could do it it safely and reliably but was not fun or easy. Just to give you an idea that Humans are not that advanced yet. Even cybernization and medicine is only so advanced. This is made worse by the huge social and economic disparity that Native Humanity is fighting to equalize in the wake of a global economic collapse

Anyway, why the hyper muscle female humans...

As it turns out, some of the Descendant Humans made the mistake so many other races told NEVER to make: making contact with Native humans until they could come meet you on their own. This contact resulted in the sharing of information, including how physically overwhelming many of these alien races were. As a result the Native Human Government turned their focus toward improving the overall health and capability of the Human populace, which was holding steady at 7.3B individuals through out the Solar System, but with a deliberately slowed birth rate the human populace is declining just  over 1% every year.

With a general fear that some of these races could come for Humanity, the need to create Super soldiers was in order. While male super soldiers would be a best choice when such combat came, the Government wanted to make sure they understood what they were creating. Being mainly matriarchal at this point, the decision was made, almost on sexist lines to make the first Super soldier female.

But there is some rational basis for this, although it does not excuse the female majority for cramming it down the men's throats, as females are typically a bit calmer and less aggressive... though not by a hole lot. But are easier to tune as more pleasant people.

Even though even some women found the dissent by some men well founded and aptly named, "the Hyena Coup" , as The Spotted Hyena female is larger stronger, and more aggressive than the male whom the females normally and ruthlessly dominate. While a female oriented Government was largely voted in democratically, to select females to be the first to be super-muscled and hyper-strong, and given remarkable deference to use that strength even violently, essentially extending to them the right to be as violent as was feared males would be on the unproven hypothesis that they would not be that violent, solely on the the sex of the subject was taken as just unfair.

Besides what if these aliens came tomorrow and all they had was not strong enough and incapable of adequate violence, hyperhuman females? It didn't matter. It would take at least 16 years for the subjects to maturated enough to be effective in a combat situation at all.

So in the year 2045 the first hyper humans, bred with a reduced myostatin, a naturally occurring hormone that limits muscle growth, and a slew of previously classified "super-building" techniques, developed to make super soldiers without relying on genetic engineering and biological modification of anyone at anytime. By 2056, globally a slew of super muscled hyper strong became a fairly common feature in public. 16 year old and some younger girls more muscular than veteran male bodybuilders, and stronger than most construction equipment, started to appear and occasionally cause problems, property damage, indecent exposure, personal injury, for the most part.

Studying their behavior and learning to control it with positive reinforcement and basic denials as punishment, incidents of such out of control behavior was curtailed greatly.

With the inevitable puberty and the not atypical trait of increased physical fitness and strength leading to increased libido, further more aggressive, passive-aggressive means of control were used. 

Even though they remained sexually normal, they had little trouble showing off their build up bodies. Though they observed most decency laws they rarely violated any social morays for public nudity, sexual behavior, or physical violence.

They were a bunch of nice, if occasionally naughty nice girls would could tow a loaded dump truck up a steep hill. Even as Adults they remained mostly well behaved and safe to be around under most circumstances. While there personalities naturally varied, they typically would only more or less approachable because of their massive and massively powerful bodies. At least they were cute, right?

Developing normal relationships with males of roughly equal ages, even if more often than not it was an average to below average build male, proved that hyperhumans were a reasonable step forward. However it was decided that since the gene for supermuscled and hyper strong humans was now hereditary it was decided not to make any males, but let them be born.

Male to female birth rates are still a nominal 50/50, although some region have tried to enforce their ages old preference for male children. Usually the Hyperhuman  females would refuse to give up their female children regardless of the local traditions and preferences.

By 2102, the aforementioned start to the Mystic League main story arc, Global census of Hyperhumans is about 15,000 individuals and are the only sub-populace growing in this time.

It should also be mentioned that numerous other methods had been discovered or created to make similarly overpowering people of varying types and persuasions.


So there it is. A bit of rambling mess, but there it is. Why on my Earth there are super muscled and hyper strong people most females in the world.

Journal Ends

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